Fight The Information Revolution With A Trinket Commemorating National Security Hysteria!

Yes, #cablegate2 has landed, with a Shakespearean twist of dramatic irony, an information-bomb with several hands having pushed the trigger. (More on this in another post, hopefully). Predictably, with such a stupendous release of classified government secrets, a few intelligence-community noses would be out of joint.

The Australian Attorney General, Robert McClelland, initially responded with the old chestnut of the National Security Threat. The media crowed about fresh doom for Julian Assange, only to report two days later that he may very well escape a McClelland-engineered fate.

As long as he stays away from Australia, of course.

All this talk of threats to national security has made me nostalgic for the earnest War Against Terror that brought us such talismans of protection as the Terrorist Warning Fridge Magnet. A friendly and cheerful little rectangle of alloy metal and plastic, adhered to refrigerator surfaces, encouraged and comforted Australians during troubled times.

“Be Alert But Not Alarmed”, it advised.

This great hallmark of unintentional political satire was clearly so egregious, I’ve failed to find actual examples of it in Google Images – proving that every Australian who received said magnets at the time would have opened the envelope, laughed, and then thrown it away or given it to their neighbour’s dog to play with.

I think it’s time the Attorney General tweaked his recently renewed campaign to fight nebulous terror: