Postcards from the Greek frontier, 30 June 2011

My father, ever thirsty for adventure, equipped with an affability that often masks his urban hardiness even at the age of 69, recently arrived in Athens to see some relatives. Instead, he is watching it burn…

As I check regularly my email I keep in touch with all my friends.
Hope you are well and we are all well and safe staying away from Syndagma and Omonia square the last couple days.
You might have noticed  through the general media/net  as the big peaceful  crowds gothered, provocateurs appeared out of nowhere organised simultaniously  throwing stones and other special forces on plain clothes with tact and formation to terorise and disperse the crowds followed by special forces men to clear the area.
Tear gas chemicals been sprayed purposely to a metro station near Syndagma sq. and again special forces attacked restaurants and bushed innocent people for no reason with a casualty list of a hundred and more of wounded people ended up on a makeshift hospital nearby. 
With love to all from all the family.

REUTERS/John Kolesidis


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